Teachie Tech

March 12, 2012

Your Idea And my Ideas- How We play Together?

In Every forum you join, You learn something, because your changing ideas by asking someone and listening for their answer.But isn't great if you join in the community which you have the same likes and knowledge.

You can share your knowledge easily and get the right information for the things  you frustrated to know and understand, So if your a blogger search and join the community where their is a blogger to.

I'm so grateful because this people help me a lot, The community i joined is my other success in blogging., They thought me how to get traffics, build a blog list , a people list, what to write and when to write and how to deliver a good articles for my reader that they keep coming back to my site.

In every Affiliate or marketing, people share knowledge to earn and we can get it free by sharing opinions, so that's how we play together.
Building a list, talk in a community and changing ideas.


  1. Agree on this topic. For me, just don't like that, guys have the same idea but the other one gonna be like more better if they use about his idea but not kinda suitable for the people so-round him. Happy to hear that you found a community that helps you more blogging. keep it up. :) annuities rates