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March 20, 2012

Write An Article In Easy Way With Format

Writing an article is so hard for some people who don't know their niche or the topic they want to write, that's lead them a very poor writing skill, that’s why they search and keep searching for their topic to write on, just like you do and you keep reading or even watching YouTube to learn this strategies.

Here is the format of my way of writing Articles, so I can make very effective and informative articles.
First the “Intro”
You need to introduce what is your topic to them and grab the attention of the reader that when they just see your articles from the introduction they keep reading on it.
Because they know this the topic they want to know and learn more, keep your words not less than 50 words and make it short.

Elaborate your introduction, Tell them how to do it and make it the in and out of the article the hard part of it, how to fix to make it better and the strategies you do to make it better.
Keep searching for the reference of your topic that you do to make it because you need to make this part the longest words not less than 200 words is fine for this part.

Give conclusion and summarizes your articles, tell them what is your own idea that why you do this by in your own opinions and own tricks. Keep it short and sweet and make not less than 50 words for the end part of your writing.

After you find and do this pattern, you will think that when every time you write a new topic; you won’t feel clueless on how you can write on your next post, because you have a format what you do next. That don’t feel skeptical or asking yourself how I can it?

March 13, 2012

How I Drive traffic To My Site

If you want to drive tones of traffic for tour site you must have a list, list of social networking site where you can share  and post your site link, so that your friends see your post and click it to visit you site.

Here is the list of networking site i join for my traffics:


Or a community where your same blogger connect and read each other article according to the interest topic and they read it in real time,You can post you articles with the links to share to other members.

Here is the list og the community i joined:


I do backlinks to this community so that they will visit my sites to, and i really love this communities, because after i finish my article and share it to the community, my visit statistic goose up so soon its like automated.
so i recommended you to join this site to have tones of traffics to.


March 12, 2012

Handling Critics

Are you comfortable when every time you post an article and receive a comment that saying "very good" "you blog is great" or "what a nice blog".

I did not say this to feel you doubt to your articles, But isn't great to receive a critics to?
Because for me every critics is good feed back to,because this reader notice what is neglecting to my writing article that i wrote.

So that on my next articles i can improve my knowledge of writing and put informative article which is been i neglect and create new ideas.

You can also create new topic articles about it that how you handle this critics and what is the solution you make to resolve it, And when you resolve it you and the critics be a subscribers because you value their opinions, that they keep coming back to you site and keep reading your new articles.

See it same with a back links, handling critics is not bad or make you think pressure, but its good benefits for your site.

Just always think positive on it that no matter what is the comment for your articles put in mind that you can make better writing of articles because of this feed back and in the future this people appreciated what have you done because they learn it from your site

Do Rock Star Need Social Media Strategies?

In this new Era we can see lots of new rising star who join in the talent search shows, Like "American Idol" "Think You Can Dance and other search shows all over the world you can see this.

To the help of Social Media this contestant gather different strategies get support from the people who's the audience of this shows and the judge panel choose the highest votes who is been supported by this people for their favorite starts.

This start use Facebook, Twitter, My space, YouTube and some use blog fan page that created by their avid fan supporter or people that close to them.
They post a link to share it in their Facebook or twitter account or upload the performance of the star on YouTube ,to show it for those not seen the the show and they can reply it.

And the more people view their videos, the more the star have influence to the viewer.
Social Media is so powerful, because not only this contestant who join the search show is been discovered and have benefits from the social media world.

Maria Aragon Rivera a 11 years old kid, who just perform a cover of  lady gaga' s music "born this way" just last year, When she upload this video on her sister YouTube account gather 8 million viewer and because of this lady gaga spoke with her and invite her to sing the song "born this way" with lady gaga on her world tour.

So for the star having a social media strategies for their new release campaign is very very big benefits, because they know how much people like then and make them famous.
Even they spend lots of money for advertising their site they don't mind it as long as they get fame.

Your Idea And my Ideas- How We play Together?

In Every forum you join, You learn something, because your changing ideas by asking someone and listening for their answer.But isn't great if you join in the community which you have the same likes and knowledge.

You can share your knowledge easily and get the right information for the things  you frustrated to know and understand, So if your a blogger search and join the community where their is a blogger to.

I'm so grateful because this people help me a lot, The community i joined is my other success in blogging., They thought me how to get traffics, build a blog list , a people list, what to write and when to write and how to deliver a good articles for my reader that they keep coming back to my site.

In every Affiliate or marketing, people share knowledge to earn and we can get it free by sharing opinions, so that's how we play together.
Building a list, talk in a community and changing ideas.

Earn To Your Dating Sites An Income

Many people love to join on a dating sites for the purpose of searching friends and maybe love partner, but did you find benefits on it by just joining on it? Why not make an benefits on its not only to have lots of friends but also give you an income if you really love to join on a dating sites.
here is the list of dating sites that i join and make me income and generates traffic to, feel free to join all of this sites:















Hope you to join the site and begin earn an extra income while your socializing

March 7, 2012

Facebook Application That I love

Theirs a tone of Facebook application apps now you can use to download and play.
But for those who love to playing games FARMVILLE, CITYVILLE, CAFEWORLD, TENTRIS and even ANGRY BIRDS is very popular games so don't be surprise if you receive tones of notification that your friends inviting you to join the games.

You might like to enhance the look of your profile by adding TIMELINE apps. Where you can make a profile banner for your apps, isn't great you can make your favorite photo as the banner of your profile?, I really love to this apps, just type "cover maker" to get the coolest timeline cover and follow the instruction their.

Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right

When were talking about TWITTER its first come on our mind is news right? Its the trends about our favorite artist, band, singer, actor, and actresses its also way of communication to find interest and information.
And also many of money maker use this social site to advertised their sites because it so power full and the traffic is so high.

But some people do tricks like spamming to be notice that's why Twitter now enhance their security for anti spamming, Many people use Twitter in the wrong way by doing over spamming that Twitter don't like it.

We hope people use Twitter on right way because Twitter is too simple if you use it in the right way.
You can do the following like sharing your ideas, your site link, talk about people or artist you know, comment on their new release movies, songs and shows.

If you gonna do the right usage of your account your Twitter will last forever and not been banned.