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March 20, 2012

Write An Article In Easy Way With Format

Writing an article is so hard for some people who don't know their niche or the topic they want to write, that's lead them a very poor writing skill, that’s why they search and keep searching for their topic to write on, just like you do and you keep reading or even watching YouTube to learn this strategies.

Here is the format of my way of writing Articles, so I can make very effective and informative articles.
First the “Intro”
You need to introduce what is your topic to them and grab the attention of the reader that when they just see your articles from the introduction they keep reading on it.
Because they know this the topic they want to know and learn more, keep your words not less than 50 words and make it short.

Elaborate your introduction, Tell them how to do it and make it the in and out of the article the hard part of it, how to fix to make it better and the strategies you do to make it better.
Keep searching for the reference of your topic that you do to make it because you need to make this part the longest words not less than 200 words is fine for this part.

Give conclusion and summarizes your articles, tell them what is your own idea that why you do this by in your own opinions and own tricks. Keep it short and sweet and make not less than 50 words for the end part of your writing.

After you find and do this pattern, you will think that when every time you write a new topic; you won’t feel clueless on how you can write on your next post, because you have a format what you do next. That don’t feel skeptical or asking yourself how I can it?


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